Sex & The city

april 22, 2007

Episode 33, Attack of the Five Foot Ten Woman

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A laid back Sunday brunch is ruined when Carrie sees Big and Natasha’s wedding announcement in the New York Times. Twenty five, tall, beautiful, and married, Natasha brings out Carrie’s worst insecurities. When Carrie bumps into Natasha in the dressing room of a clothing boutique, Carrie wonders: Are there women in New York City who live for the sole purpose of making other women feel bad about themselves? To relieve some stress, Samantha takes the girls out for a day at the spa. Charlotte however, can’t seem to let go of her body image issues and get naked in the steam room. Samantha gets a tip that Kevin, one of the massage therapists, performs sexual favors, but when he doesn’t deliver, Samantha makes her own move and grabs his crotch. The spa bans Samantha, but she gets Kevin fired. Charlotte returns to the spa and nervously bares it all; she’s validated when another woman compliments her breasts. Meanwhile, Miranda’s new Ukranian housekeeper takes cleaning up Miranda’s life too far — with lectures about marriage and herbal teas. When she replaces the vibrator in Miranda’s ”goodie drawer” with a statue of the Virgin Mary, Miranda puts her in her place. Carrie tries to impress Natasha by looking fabulous at a high society luncheon. But it’s all for naught because Natasha doesn’t show up. After trying too hard and buying clothes she couldn’t really afford, Carrie feels like a loser — until she gets Natasha’s thank you note featuring an embarrassing spelling error.

”Are there women in New York who are just there to make us feel bad about ourselves?” -Carrie

Sex and The City


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